National Internship Portal 2023 Dream Internship from Anywhere

In India, many young people face unemployment even after obtaining a degree, and finding a job often comes with various challenges. Companies prefer candidates with more experience, making it difficult for fresh graduates to secure employment. However, to address this issue and improve internship opportunities in both private and government sectors, the central government launched the National Internship Portal or “National Internship Portal”.

National Internship Portal is a platform that provides information about internships available in various states and major cities across the country. Through this portal, many private and government companies provide internship opportunities. Graduates can now get internships as per their eligibility through this platform even during semester break.

This portal has been beneficial to thousands of youth seeking internships in the respective fields. Companies like Google, Cisco, IBM and various ministries under the Central Government invite applications for internships through this platform. With the National Internship Portal, qualified candidates have access to hundreds of internship opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits of National Internship Portal

  1. Wide range of internship opportunities: The National Internship Portal connects candidates to a range of companies offering internships, providing information on internship duration, stipend, application deadline, eligibility and selection process.
  2. Skill development and bright future: By participating in internship, educated youth and students can gain valuable experience, enhance their skill set and brighten their future job prospects.
  3. Easy Online Application: The portal provides a user-friendly online application process, which allows candidates to apply for internships in various ministries and companies with just a few clicks.
  4. A Gateway to 75,000 Employers: Around 75,000 employers post their internship requirements on the portal, providing opportunities to lakhs of youth.
  5. Prime Minister’s endorsement: Prime Minister Modi has urged the youth to use this portal extensively and adopt a culture of internships to align with the country’s new education policy, which focuses on skill development and addressing the demands of the future.

Eligibility & Required Documents for National Internship

  • Candidates must be Indian Citizen to apply for internship through National Internship Portal. The portal is open to educated youth and students including those with minimum 10th standard qualification.
  • The documents required for registration include Aadhaar card, caste certificate, educational qualification certificate, mobile number, passport size photograph and email ID.

Registration Process for National Internship Portal

  • Visit the official website of National Internship Portal.
  • Click on the “Register” option on the homepage.
  • Select the appropriate user type.
  • Fill the registration form with required details like name, state, city, email id, password, mobile number, caste and other relevant information.
  • Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process.
  • Once registered, candidates can login to the National Internship Portal and apply for internships matching their qualifications and interests.

The National Internship Portal has opened doors for the educated youth of the country, providing them valuable internship opportunities to prepare for a successful career. Don’t miss this chance to explore and excel in your chosen field. Visit to start your journey towards a promising future.

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