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E shark card registration The Government of India will collect labour data with the help of the recently launched E Shram Portal. We are going to share E-Shram Card benefits, the process of registration, and login details etc. The ‘e-shram’ portal is effective for the workers working in the unorganized sector.

E-Shram Card Registration Process?

Labor E Shram Card Registration Process

Union Minister Rameshwar Teli has launched this E Shram Portal. You can access it at using your mobile phone or computer. A budget of about ₹ 404 crores has been approved for the registration of labourers on the  e-shram portal. Workers can directly register on E Shram Card or take the help from CSC Center for free E Shram Registration.

In the launch ceremony, the Union Minister said that after registration on the E Shram Portal, labour brothers and sisters will not need to register again and again to take advantage of the social security scheme of the Government of India. The UAN written on the E Shram Card will be valid in all the states of the country.

What is the use of the e-shram portal?

E Shram Portal will collect data and information of workers. Then on that basis, the government will make E-Shram Card scheme and rules for the workers. The government will ensure that the benefits of the schemes reach the workers of the unorganized sector.

On behalf of the government, all the workers of the country will be divided into categories on the basis of their work on the lines of identity cards and Aadhar cards. On the basis of this E Shram Card, the government will prepare the record of the workers. The government is preparing to register about 38 crore workers on the ‘E Shram Portal’ registration.

How to do E Shram Card Registration (E Shram Card Registration Process)

First of all, you have to go to the official website of e-shram card (

Click on “REGISTER on e-Shram” on this official website!

After this, the workers enter their Aadhar number and mobile number.

You can easily register for E Shram Card.

The toll-free number of e-shram portal

A toll-free number will also be made available for the convenience of crores of workers. The workers will have to provide the Aadhar Number and Bank Account Number used at the time of E Shram Portal registration. Toll-free number is 14434 which should be activated already or maybe available soon on E Shram Card.

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The Center has prepared a national database for unorganized workers for the overall welfare of these crores of workers of the country. Now, these employees are queuing for registration of e Shram Card on E Shram Portal At present, the government has informed us that there is no need to provide any proof of date of birth and income details.

If, after registration in the E Shram Portal, the unorganized worker moves to the organized sector, then he will get the defined benefits only for the organized workers, as mentioned by the government. Till now, more than 1.7 crore registrations have been done on E Shram Card in a month. About 50 per cent of the registered workers are women. More than 78 per cent of registrations were completed through Common Service Centres.

Workers will get UAN number

After E Shram Portal registration, workers will be issued an E Shram Card with a unique Universal Account Number (UAN) and they can apply for various social security schemes through this card. You can get the benefit of any time, anywhere.

After registration of E-Shram Card, workers will get accident insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh under PMSBY. In future, all social security benefits of unorganized workers will be distributed through this E Shram Portal. In situations like emergency and national pandemics, this database can be used to provide the necessary support to eligible unorganized workers.

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